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'Pretty in Nature.' Photo by: Hannah Taylor
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About Me

I am a Film Blogger, Content Writer, and Book Reviewer based in London, United Kingdom. 

I am interested in the Film & TV Industry and the Toy Industry. I have a particular interest in the areas of Blog Writing, Copywriting and SEO/Content Writing. 

I have a first-class degree in BA English with Creative Writing. I am currently studying towards MA Screenwriting. 

Film & TV Industry

My portfolio of feature articles and blog posts focus on Filmmaking and the craft of Screenwriting.

I have written guest blog posts for Industrial Scripts, Raindance Film Festival and Save the Cat! 
Articles can be found under 'Home' and 'Blog'.
My published work ranges from listicles to ultimate genre guides and book reviews.

I am interested in expanding my writing portfolio and to continue publishing feature articles and blog posts for Screenwriting and Filmmaking blogsites. 

Toy Industry

I am also interested in working in the Toy Industry. I have previously worked with The Toy Coach as a social media intern and freelance writer. 

I currently run a toy blog to highlight my interests in both toys and writing. Alongside the blog, I have an Instagram account to showcase my toy photography posts. 

I am interested in writing for Toy magazines and blogsites. 

More About Me

Favourite Screenwriters
John Hughes, Kevin Williamson and
Todd Phillips. 

Favourite TV Shows: 
Prison Break, Desperate Housewives, Dexter,
Modern Family 
and The White Lotus.

“You can, you should, and if you're brave enough to start, you will.”

Stephen King